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About Us

Experience the beauty Koraba’s amber collection first hand.

Continue your journey into the fascinating word of Koraba by visiting one of our locations where a team of experienced professionals awaits.

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about post

Koraba create a plethora of looks that appeal to even the most discerning tastes.

Our stringent selection process ensures that only the most delectable examples of this 40 million year old fossilized resin are chosen for our impeccable designs.

Lose yourself as we walk you through our passion for the mysterious and exciting world of Koraba Amber.

Koraba is an active member of the International Amber Association and holds their certificate of authenticity, which guaranties the realness of its Jewellery.

Amber Jewellery emits a sunny and bright soothing power. It helps to take away stress, neutralizes negative energy, promote self-healing and is famous for various health benefits.

Koraba Jewellery is made of genuine Baltic Amber, mainly found in Poland and Germany. We always choose the finest amber stones, known as the “treasure of the eastern European Sea”.

The colors of amber range from light clear honey through to yellow, cognac, cherry and white. Koraba also offer a mysterious green and blue amber from the Caribbean Sea.

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about post